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On Tuesday June 27th The Wright County Commissioners unanimously approved an ordinance to require inspections of all water-related equipment entering East and West Lake Sylvia, Lake John and Pleasant Lake. The video shows the support we are receiving and the interest across the State in this effort. 

Well Done Wright County!

Seeking to stop starry stonewort - by Juliana Thill in Dockside magazine. (shared with permission).
The recording of the Starry Stonewort Summit is also available.

Changing the Mindset on AIS - by Nick Phelps, Jeff Forester in Dockside magazine. (shared with permission).

Who Represents Me? and Legislative Districts

Who Represents Me? - Use the district finder to retrieve a list of your representatives with contact information.

Want to help stop the spread of AIS?

Put this sign in your yard to remind boaters traveling in your area to Clean Drain and Dry their boat.

Wright SWCD is providing lakes with 10 signs for free and additional signs for $3.00

Contact Chris Hector if you would like one.

Fish Die Off

We have had reports of dead fish in several locations on the lake. We contacted the DNR and they believe that it is a naturally occurring fish disease called Columnaris.  The die-offs are temporary and should correct itself in the next week or two. We will monitor the situation and continue to keep the DNR appraised of the situation. 

The DNR website contains the following information:

Columnaris Disease One common cause of fish deaths is Columnaris disease. The disease is caused by a bacterium called Chondrococcus columnaris. The bacterium is always present in fish populations but seems to affect fish in spring when most of the die-offs occur. It is in spring when water temperatures are warming and fish are undergoing some stress due to spawning. Sometimes, thousands of fish are observed dead or weakly swimming along shores that are windswept. Species affected are usually sunfish, crappies and bullheads and occasionally, largemouth bass and northern pike.

When a die-off occurs it is usually a small percentage of the populations that are affected and fishing success is not influenced.

Symptoms of Columnaris disease are discolored patches on the body, sloughing of scales, eroded gill filaments and high mortality. It is recommended that fish dead or dying due to Columnaris disease not be consumed. However, any gamefish caught which are normal in appearance and behavior from the same lake may be consumed.

Wright AIS Decon station hours of operation have changed to:

Mon-Thu 9 to 5 | Friday Saturday Sunday 7 to 7

FREE Aquatic Invasive Species Decontamination Station
Collaboration between Wright Soil and Water and Bishop AIS Services 

  • Where: Anchor Dock and Lift Storage Facility | 240 Popular Ave Annandale (behind classic Rides and Rods off of Hwy 55)
  • When: Monday-Thursday 9am to 5pm; Friday Saturday Sunday 7am to 7pm
  • Small boats take about 10 minutes; larger vessels 20-30 minutes
Don't take a chance! Be part of the solution! Decontaminate!

Map courtesy of Wright Soil and Water Conservation District


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